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Introductory Note

This web site provides information on contracts issued by the Government of Nunavut. The Government of Nunavut (GN) disclosure practices focus on the publication of contracts over $5,000.

The objective of government procurement contracting is to acquire goods and services, including construction services, in a manner that enhances competition and fairness and obtains best value with public monies ensuring greater public accountability overall.

Please note that information that would normally be withheld under the Privacy Act does not appear on this web site. In developing our disclosure practices, the GN referred to best practices of other jurisdictions such as the Federal government that adopted a policy of proactive disclosure of contract information in 2004. The GN wishes to acknowledge the high standards encouraged by the Office of the Auditor General.


The data contained in the website is intended to provide interested parties and businesses an opportunity to freely access information quickly and easily. However, users relying on such information are cautioned that the Government of Nunavut can not guarantee the accuracy, reliability and completeness of the information included therein.